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If you want to get the perfect cut, it is worth equipping yourself with professional scissors that will provide you with an appropriate, precise cut and an attractive hairstyle without damaging and fraying your hair. The WITTE brand comes out in front of us, thanks to which we can cut our hair creating a nice and regular line.

Scissors specification

  •          One-sided micro cut,
  •          Ergonomic handle for easy work,
  •          They have rings and a hook and are packed in an aesthetic plastic box for everyday storage,
  •          Made of stainless steel and ice hardened,
  •          Light and comfortable to use.

How to use: The perfect scissors for home or professional haircuts in the salon will allow for high-quality, precise cutting.

Result: Careful execution of the hairstyle and professionally cut hair, as well as satisfaction with the final result - guaranteed.

Discover more WITTE accessories to enjoy the beautiful hairstyles of customers and clients in your salon every day.

Witte was founded in 1970 and specializes in the development, production and distribution of high-quality hairdressing scissors for professionals. Currently, Witte belongs to the group of world leaders in the field of equipment for hairdressing salons. 

Data sheet

Data sheet

Product typeScissors
SeriesRose Line


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WITTE ROSE LINE Professional hairdressing scissors 5.5

WITTE ROSE LINE Professional hairdressing scissors 5.5

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WITTE ROSE LINE Professional hairdressing scissors 5.5

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