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Pre Style Relax Cutting Scissors are a classic, comfortable and precise tool, especially good for everyday use by both experienced hairdressers and trainees. Distinguished by high strength, durability and convenience in use. Dedicated right-handed people.

  •          Size: 6.0” (15.5 cm)
  •          Ergonomic, comfortable shape
  •          Classic design
  •          Matte finish
  •          Finger holes arranged at an angle
  •          Convenient finger support
  •          Special VARIO screw to adjust the pressure

The Jaguar scissors are manufactured using special low-temperature steel hardening, which means that they retain their properties for a very long time. In addition, the unique procedures of grinding, twisting, bending and processing of the base material ensure a great comfort of cutting and use of the scissors in everyday work.

Tip: Clean the scissors daily with a soft cloth (pay attention to the blades and rotating surface). Apply a little oil on the rotating part to maintain mobility and then repeatedly open and close the scissors to distribute the lubricant.

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Jaguar is a company that has been producing professional hairdressing accessories for more than 80 years and is best known for its high quality haircutting scissors. Over the last decades, the company has developed its production line using innovative hairdressing tool manufacturing technologies and expanding its distribution to a global reach.

Data sheet

Data sheet

Quantity1 pcs.
Product typeScissors
SeriesPre Style


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JAGUAR PRE STYLE Relax Cutting Scissors 6,0"

JAGUAR PRE STYLE Relax Cutting Scissors 6,0"

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JAGUAR PRE STYLE Relax Cutting Scissors 6,0"

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