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Cece dyes ensure the effect of a dreamed and lasting color. Roots become invisible and gray hair is entirely covered. In addition, the scalp is under constant protection with specially optimized components. The dye has a creamy consistency so that its application is easy and fun. The dyes guarantee brightening up to 5 shades.

  • Contains vitamin C
  • Efficient
  • Protects your scalp
  • Easy and fun application
  • The dye remains on the hair for a long time
  • Broad color palette
  • Brightening up to 5 shades
  • Perfect cover for gray hair

Cece dyes are rich in vitamin C that makes your hair recover the glow, silky softness and natural and healthy look.

How to use: In non-metallic dish, mix the dye with an oxidizing agent in a 1:1 proportion (e.g. 50ml of dye: 50ml of oxidant). You can increase the quantity of hydrogen peroxide (maximum 1:2) - as a result the color will be brighter than the sample shown in the color palette. Apply the mixed dye on dry, not washed hair. Application time is 30 minutes - count the time from the end of the application on roots.

On natural hair: apply the mixed dye on the hair 2 cm away from the scalp first. After 10 - 20 minutes apply the dye on roots and leave it for another 10 minutes.

On roots: apply the mixed dye very precisely on roots and leave it for approximately 10 - 15 minutes. Add a little water and thoroughly rub it in the hair and then gently comb their entire length. Leave for 10 - 20 minutes.

After the indicated period of time (30 min.) briefly rub it gently in the hair and then rinse with plenty of water until it is clean.

Result: After dying, the hair maintains color for a long time, roots are invisible and gray hair entirely covered. The hair is shiny, silky soft and look healthy and natural.



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CeCe of Sweden hair dye in cream 125 ml

CeCe of Sweden hair dye in cream 125 ml

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CeCe of Sweden hair dye in cream 125 ml

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Cece of Sweden




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