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Do you know that if you want your hair to feel good and look great, your scalp has to be in great condition as well? If we take care of the strands, let's also take care of the scalp. Then the effect will be visible in a short time. Scalp scrub improves blood circulation, nourishes, perfectly cleanses and exfoliates dead epidermis, stimulating the growth of new hair.

How does the Subrina Scalp Scrub work?

  •          Jojoba esters moisturize,
  •          Pyroctine olamine has antifungal properties,
  •          Salicylic acid works against dandruff,
  •          Almond shell powder helps to exfoliate dead skin cells.

How to use: It is best to perform the treatment before washing your hair. Apply a small amount of the scrub to a damp scalp and massage it in thoroughly. Rinse with water.

Result: The scalp is supplied with blood, thoroughly cleansed and moisturized. If you are prone to problematic scalp and dandruff, peeling will be a great preventive treatment!

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The international success of the brand is based on a balanced combination of tradition and modern technology. A team of Subrina specialists takes care of the continuous development of products, drawing inspiration from youthful energy and freshness. The goal of the brand is not only to follow the trends, but above all to adapt them to the customer's expectations. It is this many years of experience that allows the creators of Subrina to prepare precise solutions for all types of hair. 

Data sheet

Data sheet

Product typepeels
Type of hairEach type
Skin TypeEach type
Actionmoisturizing, dandruff


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SUBRINA CARE Scalp Scalp peeling 150ml

SUBRINA CARE Scalp Scalp peeling 150ml

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SUBRINA CARE Scalp Scalp peeling 150ml

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