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Shaker for Bielenda algae masks allows to quickly and conveniently mix powdered algae masks with water giving a mixture ready to apply on your skin. Easy to clean and can be used repeatedly.

  •          Fast and efficient preparation of masks
  •          Perfect for powder masks (especially algae)
  •          Scale on the side
  •          Holds just over 250 ml of liquid
  •          Secure seal
  •          Multiple use product

How to use: Pour appropriate amount of mask powder and pour the liquid (water). Shake vigorously several times so that the components merge into a uniform mixture. Immediately apply to the skin.

Results: Convenient and quick preparation of an algae mask.

Get acquainted with the wide range of Bielenda algae masks.

Bielenda Professional is a Polish brand existing on the market since 1990. It is a maker of face and body care cosmetics based on natural active ingredients that are safe for the skin. The brand’s offer is addressed to both individual customers and professionals including beauty salons, cosmetology colleges and wellness centres. Bielenda’s products enjoy recognition and trust on the cosmetic market, which is confirmed by numerous industry awards.

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Data sheet

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BIELENDA PROFESSIONAL Skin Breath mask shaker

BIELENDA PROFESSIONAL Skin Breath mask shaker

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BIELENDA PROFESSIONAL Skin Breath mask shaker

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