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Trends in nail styling are constantly changing and sometimes it is difficult to keep up. The nail art striping tape is one of the latest trends that no one can resist.

The presented nail art striping tape allows you to decorate the nails and embellish the usual manicure or pedicure. It is versatile, elastic material, which is able to cover the whole or part of your nail.

  •         Adhesive formula
  •         Suitable for natural nails, gel, acrylics or hybrids
  •         Long, efficient spool
  •         Different colours to choose from
  •         Can be used in a home or beauty salon

Result: Unusual, trendy and durable manicure or pedicure.

Data sheet

Data sheet

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Quantity1 pcs.
Product typeAccessories for decorating


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Nail art striping tape 1mm (wide) – various colours

Nail art striping tape 1mm (wide) – various colours

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Nail art striping tape 1mm (wide) – various colours

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