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Proraso Cypress&Vetyver Pre-Shaving Cream in a tube perfect for the everyday care of all skin types. Makes shaving easy and protects skin from irritation. Warm, fresh scent with expressive woody notes. Silicone and paraben-free.

  •          Softens facial hair and skin
  •          Protects skin during shaving
  •          Prevents irritation and dryness
  •          Creates a thick, creamy lather
  •          Reduces fraction on the skin

Stands out with its warm woody scent with a hint of amber. The top notes are dominated by cypress and bergamot, the middle notes by vetiver and cedar, while at the bottom there is a distinct amber note. Contains glycerine which protects the skin from loss of moisture and coconut oil that nourishes and softens it while also has antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

How to use: Apply on the skin with a moistened brush or your hands and massage it with gentle, circular movements to lather. Then shave.

Results: Easy and painless shave. Skin protection from irritation.

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Proraso is an Italian brand offering a wide range of traditional shaving products. Based on natural plant extracts, the cosmetics nourish and soften facial hair also taking care of the skin. The brand offer has a wide range of product lines coded with different colours, each having a different set of active ingredients and dedicated to different type of facial hair and skin.

Data sheet

Data sheet

Product typecreams
Do not containparabens, silicones
Skin TypeEach type
Actionsofteners, moisturizing, nourishing
SeriesSingle Blade


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PRORASO SINGLE BLADE Cypress&Vetyver Shaving Cream 100ml

PRORASO SINGLE BLADE Cypress&Vetyver Shaving Cream 100ml

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PRORASO SINGLE BLADE Cypress&Vetyver Shaving Cream 100ml

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