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The skin under the eyes is a critical place in terms of care. It cannot be ignored or treated with improperly selected cosmetics. It is a much less hydrated place that needs very intensive hydration and, at the same time, gentle care that does not irritate the eye area. So let's remember to provide this part of the face with appropriate cosmetics. The moisturizing eye cream from the iconic ARTDECO brand comes to the rescue. What are its properties?

How does ARTDECO moisturizing eye cream work?

  •          Provides optimal hydration of the skin under the eyes,
  •          Prevents drying out,
  •          Firms
  •          Smoothes and nourishes,
  •          Eliminates the signs of skin aging and reduces wrinkles,
  •          The skin looks refreshed and luminous.

How to use: Apply a small amount of the cream on cleansed and dry skin under the eyes and pat with your fingertips. Leave until absorbed. Can be used in the morning and evening.
The skin is radiant, moisturized and refreshed in appearance, and wrinkles are smoothed.
Try more cosmetics from the iconic ARTDECO brand to enjoy a beautiful look every day, endowing yourself with professional, durable and effective products.

ARTDECO is more than a cosmetic brand, ARTDECO combines numerous product collections into one integrated concept, which makes them unique. The secret of the company's success on the German and international market is the ability to continuously meet the individual needs of its clients while maintaining the highest quality products at a reasonable price. ARTDECO cosmetics are targeted at self-confident, independent women looking for innovation and following trends.

Data sheet

Data sheet

Product typecreams
Skin TypeEach type
Actionfirming, smoothing, nourishing


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ARTDECO YOGA OXYVITAL Moisturizing eye cream 15ml

ARTDECO YOGA OXYVITAL Moisturizing eye cream 15ml

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ARTDECO YOGA OXYVITAL Moisturizing eye cream 15ml

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