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Jadwiga Eye Cream Truffles and Peptides quickly absorbing gel-like cream with a moisturizing and refreshing effect. It contains many valuable care ingredients, including: white truffle extract, Matrixyl Morphomisc complex or caffeine. Effectively regenerates and cares for the delicate skin of the eyes, which is particularly exposed to the loss of tension and water.

  •      gel consistency
  •      deeply moisturizes and refreshes
  •      contains white truffle extract and caffeine
  •      cares
  •      rich in collagen

After application, the cream stimulates microcirculation, thanks to which the skin is revitalized and regains smoothness. It also contains collagen.

How to use: Apply in circular movements to the cleansed skin around the eyes.

Result: The skin is deeply moisturized, nourished and noticeably soft.

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JADWIGA The Cosmetic and Medical Institute, a bio-renewal laboratory, was established in 1967 by Jadwiga Użyczyn Marszewska, MA. The Institute has gone through various periods in its development; from a sole proprietorship to a family company. In the period of lack of access to good cosmetics in Poland, Mrs. Jadwiga, in her beauty salon, "shot" "grandma" creams for her clients in a mortar. In addition to the production of natural, professional cosmetics, it offers many proprietary treatments. It has an Educational and Training Facility, which was the first in Poland to educate beauticians, which it does to this day, also educating them in every field of cosmetics. 

Data sheet

Data sheet

For whomFor her
Product typecreams
Skin TypeEach type
Actionmoisturizing, refreshing


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JADWIGA Eye cream with white truffle and peptides 15ml

JADWIGA Eye cream with white truffle and peptides 15ml

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JADWIGA Eye cream with white truffle and peptides 15ml

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