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Professional Makeup Brush Set – a set of high-quality Lussoni makeup brushes that will meet the needs of even the most demanding professionals and makeup lovers.

Highest Quality - Lussoni brushes are made of highest quality materials. The handles are made of cherry wood and the ferrules are made of durable copper. The bristles are carefully selected to perfectly suit the function of each brush.

Manually Formed Bristles Brush - Lussoni brushes have bristles that are manually formed, without trimming. As a result, the brush is perfectly shaped and naturally soft.

Classic Design - Lussoni brushes are distinguished by classic design and elegant colors.


The Lussoni Beauty Queen makeup brush set consists of professional accessories for applying concealer, powder, eye shadows and other loose cosmetics.

All makeup brushes in this set are made with wooden, eight times lacquered handles, durable copper ferrules and high-quality bristles. They were created for professionals, but they are also great for home use.


The makeup brush set contains:

  1.        Lussoni Pro 118 Tapered Concealer Brush – Synthetic brush for concealer or other liquid cosmetics – e.g. for cream contouring. Dimensions: bristles -20 mm, brush - 185 mm.
  1.        Lussoni Pro 218 Tapered Powder Brush – Cone shaped, multi-functional brush with natural and synthetic bristles. Can be used as a powder brush or bronzer brush. Dimensions: bristles - 50 mm, brush - 210 mm.
  1.        Lussoni Pro 318 Small Powder Brush – Ideal for powder and other loose cosmetics, made with soft, natural goat hair. Dimensions: bristles - 40 mm, brush - 205 mm.
  1.        Lussoni Pro 330 Small Round Blush Brush – Fluffy brush for blush, powder and bronzer application. Natural goat hair, thanks to its porous structure, transfers well loose cosmetics and distributes them smoothly. Dimensions: bristles: - 28 mm, brush - 193 mm.
  1.        Lussoni Pro 406 Medium Blending BrushFluffy brush for blending eyeshadows made with the highest quality natural bristles. Dimensions: bristles - 18 mm, brush - 185 mm.
  1.        Lussoni Pro 430 Eyeshadow Brush – Flat brush for applying and blending shadows, made of natural goat hair. Dimensions: bristles - 12 mm, brush - 182 mm.
  1.        Lussoni Pro 442 Round Smoky Brush – Small, round brush with natural squirrel hair - useful for precise application of shadows and blending lines. Dimensions: bristles - 6 mm, brush - 175 mm.


Lussoni is a brand of professional make-up, hair and nail accessories developed and designed in cooperation with stylists, make-up artists and hairdressers. The products are of excellent quality that meets the needs of professionals and anyone who expects best performance. The Lussoni collection consists of functional accessories with classic, timeless design, made of the highest quality raw materials. 

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Data sheet

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LUSSONI Beauty Queen - 7 Pcs Professional Makeup Brush Set

LUSSONI Beauty Queen - 7 Pcs Professional Makeup Brush Set

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LUSSONI Beauty Queen - 7 Pcs Professional Makeup Brush Set

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