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️ High Quality – A set of makeup accessories that will meet the needs of even the most demanding makeup lovers

️ Vegan Hair - The highest quality of handmade, synthetic taklon bristles that facilitate the application of cosmetics

️ Color & Design - Makes the accessories have an unusual look that stands out from other brushes

️ Makeup Sponge  – Brings three sponges of different sizes, mini, medium and large that apply makeup in hard to reach places and helps you achieve a flawless look

️ Brush Cleaner - Irreplaceable when cleaning brushes, its structure facilitates the cleaning of the bristle without the risk of damaging them

Eye Curler – Professional curler with purple design that curls eyelashes quickly

The Purple Pick-up Line is a real makeup set with a shade of purple madness! The set includes 6 high-quality eye and lip brushes, an ultra-soft sponge and a heart-shaped brush cleaner. Since we love playing with colors, we've also added a purple eyelash curler to the set!

Ready for the Purple Pick-up Line?

The set includes,

1.       ilū 513 Angled Eyeliner Brush - Eye makeup brush. A precise angled brush that help you draw perfect lines on the upper lid. Dimensions: bristles 16mm and brush 151mm.

2.       ilū 505 Brow Comb-Brush - Eyebrow brush. A brush with thick bristles that allows you to brush out the hairs and shape them into your desired look. Dimensions: brush 180mm.

3.       ilū 501 Brow-Lash Brush - Eye makeup brush. The spiral end of the brush is perfectly shaped to elongate and thicken the eyelashes and correct the shape of your eyebrows. Dimensions: bristles 5-7mm and brush 165mm.

4.       ilū 517 Fine Eyeliner Brush - Eye makeup brush. A delicate brush that allows you to draw precise, straight lines with both liquid and gel cosmetics. Dimensions: bristles 6mm and brush 150mm.

5.       ilū 509 Flat Definer Brush - Eye shadow brush. A flat brush to draw precise lines or fill in the eyelid with loose creme and liquid cosmetics of distinct colour. Dimensions: bristles 9mm and brush 155mm.

6.       ilū 521 Lip Brush - Lip makeup brush A brush you can perfectly contour your lips and fill them with colour.

7.       ilū Olive Cut Purple makeup sponge. A fast and easy way to apply foundations, concealers and camouflage without smudges. 

8.       ilū Makeup Brush Cleaner Purple - brush cleaner. The brush cleaner removes makeup residue from the brush bristles.

9.       ilū Eyelash Curler – Purple Eyelash Curler. A classic eye curler with a cool design that is durable and safe to use.

The ilū by Tools For Beauty products were created from passion for beauty and new trends. These exceptional makeup and hair styling accessories are made from vegan materials and are designed with utmost care to be functional and comfortable to use. 

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ilū Purple Pick-up Line - Makeup Brush Set

ilū Purple Pick-up Line - Makeup Brush Set

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ilū Purple Pick-up Line - Makeup Brush Set

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